Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gearing up...

Well, I'm doing some stuff behind the scenes to prep for the Jersey Jamcast, and I thought I'd throw out a little more information about the show as things gear up for our launch.

First - for listeners - the show will be featuring the best New Jersey based bands in all styles of music. I think it will focus largely in the rock and folk areas because that's most of what I've seen on the Podsafe Music Network and thus far, but I don't want to exclude anyone. Anything goes.

Second - for musicians who want to be heard on the show. I have a couple of things I am asking for:

1 - you can submit your music to me through email at I ask that you email me LINKS to your MP3s if possible instead of sending actual MP3s in email. I don't want to overflow the gmail box even though it does have quite a bit of storage.

2 - No covers, and no cover only bands. The concept behind the show is original music. There is also a music licensing issue - right now there it is a gray area as to whether podcasts can play RIAA, BMI and ASCAP licensed music - and I'm not going to go down the road of incurring the wrath of any of these organizations. That said - original music only, please. Also - you need to give me permission to actually play the music (if you submit, that's pretty much a given, but I'd like it in an actual email that you're giving me permission to play it). Better yet - if you sign up for the Podsafe Music Network - not only will you allow me to play your music - but you'll allow podcasters all over the world to play it. That kind of exposure is equal to, or greater then what can give you. If you give me permission, I'll play it regardless - but I'd love for you to get in the Podsafe Music Network. There are a lot of people listening to podcasts, and a lot of them buy music from artists they hear on those podcasts. It's an opportunity for you to reach an audience you may not have tapped into.

3 - I want bands that are active. I want to play bands that are out there, playing in clubs or those that are actively selliong their CDs via the web. I want to be able to talk about where the bands will be playing so that the folks who hear the show will actually be able to go and see you. I also ask that even if you play a lot of gigs in NY or Philly that your group still be based in New Jersey - this is about bands from the Garden State. No pretenders!

I haven't set out the podcast schedule yet, but I'm thinking about one show every other week to start, and gear up from there.

That all said - email me at and get me your info! I won't have time to get every band on right away, so please don't be offended if I don't choose your band for the first show!

So get ready to rock....with the Jersey Jamcast....


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