Friday, December 30, 2005

Next Week!

Things have been rather slow around here at the Jamcast. I've had my daughter home with me all week which generally means I have to tend to her first, and the messes shemakes around the house first.

The plan is to have the next Jamcast out next week - and continue on the 2 week cycle from there. Keep the submissions coming in, and check out the Podsafe Music Network for more great music from indie artists.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Jersey Jamcast #2

Well here it is - the second episode of the Jersey Jamcast! I'm sticking to the schedule of one show about every two weeks, which means the next show will be after Christmas but before the New Year! Here are the bands featured on this week's show:

Bongo Jones
The Alice Project
Copesetic Band
The Leevees
Podsafe For Peace

Please go to their websites and support them by buying their music or going to their shows. For Podsafe for Peace - buy their track - all proceeds are going to Unicef - and it's only 99 cents to get the song.

If you are in a band - get your music submitted to be played on the next Jersey Jamcast - email me:

Direct link to MP3 here:



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