Friday, September 15, 2006

Show #19 - Re-employment!

Show #19 - I'm re-employed. Yes, I found a job, so who knows how this will affect my schedule and ability to do another episode. We shall see! Here's what's on the show:

Hey Dude
77 LeSabre
Lori Malvey
Dan Anibal
The Sunshine Will
Sophia Ramos

Please go to their websites and support them by buying their music or going to their shows. Also - encourage them to put their music on the Podsafe Music Network for other podcasters to play around the world!

If you are in a band - get your music submitted to be played on the next Jersey Jamcast - email me:

You can also be my friend! I'm on MySpace at

And - I am also on - look for the Jersey Jamcast, give me a dig and be part of my entourage!

Direct link to MP3 here:



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