Friday, January 20, 2006

Jersey Jamcast Episode #4

Episode #4 has arrived. Lots of great submissions this week - and we have branched out from the usual pop/rock. Music this episode from:

Jason Didner

The Tonemasters
Stefanie Seskin
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
The FinDicators
Away With The Fairies

Please go to their websites and support them by buying their music or going to their shows.

If you are in a band - get your music submitted to be played on the next Jersey Jamcast - email me:

Direct link to MP3 here:



Comments on "Jersey Jamcast Episode #4"


Blogger Jason Didner said ... (11:06 PM) : 

Thanks Rob for all you do to support the local artists here in NJ! I'm enjoying the company of the fantastic artists in this episode.

Many thanks to my online collaborators who did these two songs with me:

On "Abandoned:"
Keyboard-based music by KMP in Los Angeles
Drums, mixing and mastering by Fred E. Jam in Detroit, MI

On "Will You Be My Brother?:"
Lyrics and Instrumental Music by Europica in Bedford, UK
Synth leads by Ed Drury in Oregon

Thank you, the listeners, for choosing local, unsigned talent for your entertainment!

Jason Didner
Clean-cut Rocker with Humor, Heart and Soul


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