Friday, February 03, 2006

Jersey JamCast #5

Episode #5 is here! I try to keep it rockin' this week - hope you like the song choices. Music this episode from:

The Hard Parts
Matty Z
Evan Toth and The Excuses
Alice Marie
Years Of Static
Freak Accident
Valley Lodge

Please go to their websites and support them by buying their music or going to their shows.

I also mentioned a coulpe of other podcasts - so check them out too:

The JerseyToddShow
Ed's Mixed Bag

I'm noticing a trend in only receiving music from bands in the North and Central parts of the state. South Jersey - where are you? There have got to be bands from the South Jersey area that are also playing in Philly. Get me your music! I want to represent the whole state!

If you are in a band - get your music submitted to be played on the next Jersey Jamcast - email me:

Direct link to MP3 here:



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