Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jersey Jamcast #8 - More Music, Less Talk!

Episode #8 is here! More music, less talk (sounds like a stupid radio station thing, I know...) Music this episode from:

American Hawk
The Silence Kit
The Side FX
The Sheckies
People Coyote
St. Christopher
Jim's Big Ego

Please go to their websites and support them by buying their music or going to their shows.

I was a featured audio comment on the Daily Source Code - Adam Curry's podcast. I'm in episode #348. If you feel so inclined - check it out - it's about 40 minutes in!

If you are in a band - get your music submitted to be played on the next Jersey Jamcast - email me: jerseyjamcast@gmail.com

Direct link to MP3 here:



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